Dairy & Eggs

We have carefully selected a diverse array of products from Michigan dairy businesses that use ecological farming practices to produce the best dairy products Michigan has to offer. This includes a wide variety of products from high quality cream-line milk to butter, specialty cheeses, and yogurt made from a variety of animal milks, including cow, sheep, and goat. 

Cherry Capital Foods is committed to providing the freshest products possible from harvest to delivery by reducing time in transit after harvest or packaging. This process not only ensures the pristine quality of our products, but also helps to establish fair prices for Michigan farmers and food producers. 

Be it milk straight from the farm where it is produced, or cheeses made from fresh local milk, tremendous creativity and skill are involved in producing the dairy products we sell. By purchasing dairy from small to medium-size farms and processors, we’re able to see how Michigan’s soil and pastures are inextricably linked to the cream in our coffee and the cheese on our plates.

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Milk & cream 

Cultured dairy products