Grocery items, from jams and honey to teas, salsas, and chips, always get us excited, not only because of the countless community and economic benefits they provide, but also because of the steady stream of new and creative products entering this category.

These Michigan-made products are produced, mixed, and packaged utilizing as many ingredients grown in the state as possible. We work closely with companies to assess and establish best practices such as safe food handling, logistics, and attractive, eye-catching packaging, helping these small business owners find success.

We connect with expert partners across the state to advise vendors on critical components for selling in the grocery market. A great recipe and a compelling story are cornerstone first steps, but details like case sizing, package shape and branding, and marketing support are essential elements for success.

In addition to offering retail support, many of our vendors also already offer — or will offer if the interest arises — bulk packaging for foodservice. From fermented foods to barbecue sauce to dried mushrooms and so much more, there are a multitude of foodservice options for buying Michigan-made.

Meet Some of Our Partners

Products Include


Baking mixes 





Dips & spreads

Dried fruit 


Fruit preserves 

Oils, vinegars & dressings

Pickles & ferments




Tortillas & shells 

Whole grains