Our Products

Our products, and the incredible small businesses who grow and make them, are what set Cherry Capital Foods apart from other distributors. We work closely with each and every business whose product we sell, so we can help you tell the full story of where your food comes from. 

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Our growers are the backbone of our regional foodshed. Discover the fresh, seasonal produce they bring to our product list.

Wild Foraged 

Morels, fiddleheads, wild leeks and other foraged foods, from the forest to your door. Stand out with something wild on your menu.


Carefully sourced proteins, directly from Michigan farmers who respect our environment and the animals they raise.


Michigan produced and packaged goods stand out on your shelves and in your menus. It’s easy to find something fun and creative on our extensive product list.

Dairy & Eggs 

Dairy and eggs just taste better when they come from healthy, happy animals. We work with our Michigan dairy farmers to deliver a great variety of milk, cheese, butter, and cream.


Check out our ever-changing array of unique and exotic offerings from the Midwest and beyond, including pawpaws, green almonds, truffles, and more.