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The mission for the Agricultural Economic Development Program is:

To maintain, develop, and promote a viable agricultural economy that benefits Madison County.

The priorities for achieving that mission:

Primary priority:
Marketing Madison County’s agricultural products and services by:

  • Creating market opportunities.
  • Encouraging value-added enterprises.

Secondary priority:
Maintaining an appropriate agricultural land base to support a viable agricultural economy in Madison County by:

  • Assisting existing Madison County farmers
  • Attracting and supporting new farmers

“Agricultural Economic Development” was one of the four Goals specified by Madison County’s agricultural community in the Agriculture and Farmland Protection Plan.  The Farmland Protection Board decided to focus on Goal 2.2 of the Plan:  to “employ an Agricultural Economic Development Specialist to provide leadership and coordination for agricultural development and expansion”.

A committee was formed, in January 2006, to identify the county’s ag economic development needs, and to determine how an AED specialist might best serve Madison County’s agricultural economy.  This committee, representing all aspects of the County’s agricultural industry, proposed the creation of an independent Ag Economic Development Specialist position.  The AED specialist would be tasked with developing projects that would support and encourage a viable County ag economy.

In December 2006, the Madison County Board of Supervisors approved the funding for the AED Specialist position.  The AED Specialist is housed at the Extension offices in Morrisville.  The AED Advisory Committee, as a committee of the Farmland Protection Board, was formalized and charged with setting and directing the AED program.

AED Advisory Committee

The AED Advisory Committee is a committee of the Farmland Protection Board and directs the AED program programmatically.  The AED Program is housed at Extension, and receives administrative supervision from the Executive Director of Cornell Cooperative Extension of Madison County (Paul Fitzpatrick).

The committee reports to the Planning Committee of the Madison County Board of Supervisors.  AED Advisory Committee member seats are for three-year terms, and are approved by the Farmland Protection Board.

Seat Committee Member Term Expires
Active Farmer Eve Ann Shwartz  2013 
Active Farmer Bee Tolman  2012
Active Dairy Farmer Bruce Rivington 2013
Agribusiness Person Craig Pollock 2012
Agricultural Educator Vacant  N/A
Board of Supervisors Designee Russ Cary 2012
Cooperative Extension Designee Paul O’Mara 2013
Farm Bureau Designee Nate Durfee 2011
Special Projects Kate Fisher 2012
IDA Board Designee Rick Bargabos 2011
Ex Officio Paul Fitzpatrick N/A

Past AED Committee Members:

Rick Carrier
Tiffany Drape
Tim Winters

Farmland Protection Board

Committee Member
Term Expires
Steve Durfee, Chairman
Rick Bargabos
Board of Supervisors Rep
Bee Tolman
Fay Lyon
Paul Orth, Ex Officio
Chairman, SWCD Board
Scott Ingmire, Ex Officio
Planning Director
Matt Critz
Agribusiness Rep
Rudy Braun
Carol Brophy, Ex Officio
Real Property Tax Services Director
Calvin Wood
Karen Baase, Ex Officio
Cooperative Extension Agent