About Cherry Capital Foods 

We help our customers find specific Michigan products and support producers looking for unique customers. 

Cherry Capital Foods is a local food distributor located in Traverse City, Michigan. We source 90% of what we sell from within the state. By focusing on local Michigan food sources, we are helping to grow the movement that focuses on regional foodsheds as well as supporting the Michigan economy and environment. We keep duplicate trucks off the road. Instead of coordinating with multiple farms and producers, we do the work so that customers receive everything in ONE delivery, creating efficiencies for our vendors and our customers. 

One refrigerated truck, one delivery, one invoice – multiple, independent food sources.

With over 15 years of experience distributing local products throughout the state of Michigan, we have established our food hub as a vital connector for local food. We invest the time and resources in new, emerging producers and farms that the “big distributors” will not work with until they achieve significant scale. If you’re looking for new-to-market local foods - you’ll almost always find them from us FIRST.

We are passionate people building a resilient food system by partnering with small farmers, producers, and foragers.  We aspire to be a trusted, transparent, innovative, and sustainable food company by connecting our customers to the best local, wild and specialty foods. 

Our Mission